Antiques USA was founded in 1992. From the beginning there has been a commitment to sell only Antiques, older Collectibles and furniture not less than 30 years old. Over the years those objectives have been met. Antiques USA is not the place to sell reproductions or new merchandise.

It was in 1994 that the now famous 'Antiques USA Winter Sale' began. It was and still is a 'massive sale' as the price of every item in the store is reduced, some as high as 60% off. The sale is as long as the winter, (from January through March). As a result of both the length of the sale and the high sales volume, it becomes necessary for Dealers to constantly replenish their stock with fresh merchandise never before offered for sale. It pays to come more than once.

Prior to the advent of 'The Sale' local area shops were for the most part snuggled up for the cold winter with only a few shops open. It became apparent to other local shops that our parking lot was filled in the dead of winter. It did not take too long for other local shops previously closed in the winter to run their own sales, all to delight of our customers. Today the Antiques USA section of US Coastal Route One thrives in the winter months. It is no longer simply a bustling tourist attraction in the spring,

summer and autumn months. This may explain why so many Antique Dealers new to Antiques USA are now setting up in our store as well as making us a buying trip destination.

We also were innovative in committing to Dealers from across the USA. We anticipated that by doing so it would make our store more diverse. It was not long before dealers from outside the USA including Canada, England, Ireland, Ghana and France were setting up. We are ‘Dealer Friendly’ to Antique Dealers from anywhere. We are open 362 days a year from 10AM to 5PM.

Finally, this is truly a fun place to shop for the Antiques professionals as well as a delight for the entire family with fine restaurants, hotels, the Atlantic Ocean with its beaches, shopping and many other antiques shops nearby.